Illin' - Again

So, the sore throat/irritating cough featured in my previous post, turned into pneumonia last Wednesday. Peumonia. Jesus-tap-dancing-christ!

At the insistent behest of my husband and sister, I went to the doctor Wednesday morning after a restless night of wheezing/coughing/not-breathing. I seriously thought it was just a bad cold and almost skipped the doctor in favor of the pharmacist (I despise going to the doctor, remember?)

As it turned out, I had a pretty high fever. Who knew!? And after multiple swabs and chest x-rays, I was given a steroid shot, a really cool nebulizer treatment which made me feel like I was smoking a hookah, some serious drugs, and an order to GO HOME. Apparently pneumonia can become quite serious. Who knew?!

Anyway, not feeling quite myself yet, but definitely can detect visible health improvements. So, yay.

I'm blaming Egypt (yes, the entire Egyptian nation) for the various ailments that have plagued me since the end of September. If I hadn't gotten that stomach parasite in Egypt which caused all sustenance to be be immediately evacuated upon ingestion, my immune system wouldn't have been weakened. And if my immune system hadn't been weakened, I wouldn't have caught the flu on the flight home. And if I hadn't caught the flu on the flight home, then I wouldn't have had...well, the flu. And if I hadn't had the flu then my body wouldn't have been as susceptible to other germs. And if I'd had reasonable defenses against other germs, I wouldn't have gotten pneumonia. Egypt is to blame. Clearly.


Jennifer said...

Those damn germy Egyptians!! Hope you are feeling better soon - if you were here, I could take care of you and Owen at the same time - he's had pneumonia twice this fall already!! Make sure you get lots of REST - it's definitely key to 'kickin' the bug! So curl up with some trashy newstand magazines, remote in hand to watch trashy talk-tv shows, hot tea and chocolate and feel better soon!!

HeyBetty!! said...

Aren't you glad you have an annoying sister and "the most wonderful, fabulous, special, husband in the whole, big wide world" (yes I said that with a baby voice mockingly at you).

So pooping a lot makes one have a weakened immune system...explains so much. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Butt Chili"