Whiny Review

If just when you think you are 100% healthy and completely over the flu-like illness that's been plaguing you since you returned from your trip to the Middle East, you suddenly develop a scratchy, tickly, raw, drippy throat and subsequent cough, DO NOT purchase this product with the hopes that it will soothe your misery in the least.

Yes, I was lured in by the clever marketing ploy of declaring this substance to be "Max Sore Throat Relief (plus Coating Protection!)"

Pure snake oil, my friends.

IF you can manage to spray this stuff directly onto the part of your throat (you know, the part that is sort of located up and way the hell to the back, right where the nastiness from your nose drips down making you cough until you feel like you're going to throw up) that is causing your discomfort, you may get a few seconds of minimal relief. And the liklihood of actually hitting that general vicinity is slim despite the encouraging looking spray nozzle.

"#1 Pharmacist Recommended", my ASS!

So far, I've found that a constant intake of either, A.) ice cold water, B.) hot green tea, or C.) room temperature orange juice provides much longer lasting results. Although the downside to this method is the frequent pee breaks.


Alison said...

Yeah, that stuff is useless. Have you tried gargling warm salt water?

HeyBetty!! said...

netty pot!! netty pot!!! or get one of those misty squirty bottles and fill it with solution made of 8oz water, 1 tea salt and 1 tea baking soda...squirt into your nostrils a lot...it helps and prevents the dreaded ear infection associated with my drippy throat.

mom said...

Anything sprayed down my throat or gargled in my throat, tickles my gag reflex and makes me throw up. I have a problem even brushing my back teeth without gagging. Salty popcorn, chips, peanuts, etc. work best for me, and they taste good too. Of course the down side is the amount of calories, but when you're suffering, who cares?