This One's For You Mrs. Huber!

Hi Mrs Huber! *waves*

Since I suspect you are the only person who still checks this poor forgotten little blog once in a while, this post is for you!

I don’t get to see your daughter nearly enough, but I when I do, it makes me happy. We went to see The Help last Friday evening and it did my soul good to get out and spend time with friends. Everyone is so busy these days. Do things ever slow down? I do hope so. At least at some point.

Hector turns nine months old tomorrow! I know! He has one little nubbin of a tooth that has barely cut his gums, but he uses that thing like a lethal weapon against any finger food we give him. And the kid is NOT picky when it comes to food. If he can pick it up and get it into his mouth, it's all good.

He is also crawling everywhere and climbing everything, which means we have to be ever vigilant. It’s not so much physically exhausting (although climbing up 3 flights of stairs multiple times an hour can be wearisome), as it is mentally exhausting. You have to always be ON. You know what I mean? He’s becoming very brave and letting go of whatever he’s holding onto and will stand unassisted for a few seconds. He is quite pleased with this new trick.

Speaking of tricks . . . Hector has been clapping for a couple of weeks now and just started waving over the past couple of days. It is freaking amazing how quickly they learn new skills. It seems like just last week he was a little bump on a log, and now he’s like a little person - with a personality!

Needless to say, this miniature human being pretty much consumes mine and Daniel’s existence right now. This parenting thing is not a piece of cake and I suspect it only gets harder. Maybe not physically harder, because he has to sleep through the night at some point, right? But emotionally harder. Right now the choices we make for him seem pretty instinctual and elementary. We hold him, love on him, feed him good food, laugh and play with him and do everything we can to make sure he feels safe, secure and loved. Pretty simple right now. Is it always this simple? I doubt it.

But that’s okay. We enjoy being with him more and more. He brings us such delight and I am excited when I think about my future as Hector’s Mom.

Below are a few recent pictures per your request, and I will try to post updates more frequently, even at the risk of my blog turning into a virtual Hector shrine. :)

Double fistin' the H2O:

Monkey Boy:

Showin' off those rolly legs:

"This can't possibly be food!":

Let's climb, let's climb, let's climb, let's climb...

Hangin' with Dad:

Nothin' but CUTE: