Nursery Update

So, since repairing and painting the Nursery walls, not much else has happened up there. We still haven't put together any baby stuff like the crib or the changing table. We still have no window treatments. We still have fugly lighting, but if you look at the "before" and "after" pictures, you can kinda forget all about that and just revel in how far the room has come since we bought the house.



Can't you just imagine a white crib, lovely window treatments and a beautiful lighting fixture?


Alison said...

Love it!

Mars Girl said...

It's a tragedy that the previous owners ever thought mauve and green went together.

schroederjt said...

Are those dressers built in?


cathryn said...

Thanks Alison! I'm pretty happy with it too :)

MG - My camera (photography skills) do not even do the heinous color combination justice. It was even worse in person!

Joanna - Yep. That's the thing I really love about this room - the built-ins.