Please Stand By

If I haven’t returned your call, text or email, I apologize.

Here’s my pathetic schedule of late:

Go to work.
Come home from work.
Eat whatever dinner Daniel puts in front of me.
Take a bath.
Read whatever pregnancy/parenting related book I’m currently reading while in the tub.
Do Hypnobabies “homeplay”.
Go to bed.

Work right now is just mentally exhausting which translates into physical exhaustion. During the week, I don’t have the energy or motivation to do ANYTHING besides the above list. And on the weekends I try to catch up on sleep and all the things I didn’t do during the week (like laundry), plus attempt to prepare for arrival of new human being.

I feel like a brood hen. I never want to go out. I don’t want to be social. I like being at home right now, focusing on my impending birth and subsequent motherhood.

Today I am 34 weeks. Which means this kid hanging out in my uterus could decide to show up anytime in the next 3 to 8 weeks.

Preparing for the arrival of our son often seems like a full-time job. I can’t imagine what it’s going to feel like once he’s actually here!

We did end up switching from my OB to a midwife and are very happy with that decision so far. I feel much more confident that we are more likely to have the kind of birth we want with a midwife rather than an OB who is bound by restrictive hospital policies.

We also found a pediatrician we like – hooray!

Our doula is lovely and encouraging and we’ll be seeing her again in a couple of weeks.

We are in the 4th week of our Hypnobabies birthing classes, which, so far, have been very calming and informative. Though there is also a lot of work involved – something I wasn’t entirely prepared for.

I finished reading the awesome book “Pushed” by Jennifer Block. Seriously, I am giving this book to every woman I know who becomes pregnant. I could hardly put it down it was so good. A lot of the information presented is infuriating, but it has also reassured and empowered me like nothing else.

The crib and changing table have been assembled. The mattress has been purchased. Clothes have been sorted and are ready for the wash.

We’re just about there, physically anyway. Still in the process of mentally and emotionally preparing, but I have a feeling there’s not much preparation you can do for an event so entirely life-changing.


HeyBetty!! said...

since you're a hen want me to call and sing the "bock-bock" muppet song. I know how much you like that ;-)

schroederjt said...

What is hypnobabies? Are you using your womb to implant post-hypnotic suggestions to your son?

Donna said...

Sounds like we have the same schedule....minus all the pregnancy related stuff on my end :)

Jennifer said...

Please take some time to relax and enjoy this time in life...I know you are terribly busy with work but you need to make sure you take time for YOU and to enjoy the miracle!!

And try not to 'plan' too much (I know, I know, you're not as much a fly by the seat of your pants girl as me) but even the best laid plans can be foiled by those little babies...and if he is anything like his mama, he will have his OWN agenda!!!

Hope you're feeling well..tell Daniel I said hello. Aunt Jennifer is sooo looking forward to getting some baby-time in when you guys are up for an extra set of hands to help out!! Wish I was there now to help you!!!

Alison said...

This needs to be your birthday cake at some point in the future:


For now, just focus on that December birthday! What about the name? Keeping that a secret?

cathryn said...

Boty - Indeed I do enjoy random voicemails of the "bock-bock" song. lol

Joanna - Hypnobabies is our hippy-dippy birthing class that incorporates hypnotic relaxation techniques for labor and delivery. It would be kinda cool if the kid picked up post-hypnotic suggestions!

Donna - Isn't it grand? ;)

Jennifer - I actually feel like I'm not planning enough. Things are pretty loosy goosy around here especially when I read about all the elaborate preparations various pregnant women are making on different message boards. I will admit to reading a lot - information calms and relaxes me :)

Alison - Giant s'more cake! How awesome is that!? And no, we're not keeping the name a secret. We're calling him Hector.
Hector David DeFelice. :)

Mars Girl said...

I'm so glad you went with a midwife and doula!! That seems like the healthier alternative...