A Few Random Points of Interest (Or Not)

1. It might be June here in Nashville, but it feels like August...in Hades.

2. My friend Donna visited me and Daniel over Memorial Day weekend and in the middle of her visit, had to have an emergency appendectomy due to a ruptured appendix. She is the worst houseguest EVER! ;)

3. During her stay at a Nashville hospital, Donna was treated to not only Southern hospitality, but multiple infections which turned up as nasty abcesses 2 weeks later. She is now in an Erie hospital recovering from another surgery to her midsection.

4. If you come visit me, please make sure your organs are all in good working condition.

5. Daniel's birthday was yesterday. Happy Birthday! I made him a birthday cake. From a box. And frosted it with chocolate frosting. From a tub. It was really all I could manage.

6. I bought three lovely hanging baskets full of purple flowers a few weeks ago. They are now mostly dead due to...??? I HAVE NO IDEA! I water the little fuckers. I make sure they have sun. I don't know what to do with them.

7. First step to getting nursery ready is underway. This involves getting estimates from contractors to fix the walls which are beyond our skill level.

8. Our neighbor's outdoor cat has become very fond of us (could be the treats we give her) and has taken to sleeping in our garage and meeting us at our back door every evening when we come home from work. Miss Razzy Fluffybutt. She does not like Addison one little bit, much to his dismay.

9. Anybody else out there a fan of Edy's Lime Juice Bars (Or popsicles - let's just call 'em what they are)? SO good. Just the right amount of pucker.

10. I have always wanted to fashion a hat like this for Gwendolyn. But I'm too chicken. She'll cut a bitch.


mom said...

Poor Donna, she sure knows how to make her visits memorable. In the future, I would insist all guests provide a signed, notarized form attesting to the health of all internal and external organs. Just kidding, Donna. I hope you are doing better.
Love the cat hat! I could picture Gwennie getting all pissed off if you tried to put one on her. But Addie would probably love it. He'd think he just too cool. Who knows, maybe with his new hat, the neighbors cat might take a fancy to him...poor Addie.

HeyBetty!! said...

Ms Razzy Flufferbutt LMBO!! of course she dislikes Addy...poor Addy gets no love from the ladies.

Donna said...

Good news to report: after 13 days in an Erie hospital and a brush with death I'm now recovering at my parents home with a large belly wound and a drain. Lovely, huh? Who knew my first ever hospitalization would occur in Nashville and while on vacation? Geez, what a party pooper I must be--but at least it was at the END of our trip. And I don't think any of your future house guests can top that! Who knew that a long weekend would end up in a 3 month recovery off of work? Go figure. My nickname wasn't Murphy for nothing! Thanks for taking such good care of us both before AND after. ;-)

cathryn said...

Donna - Seriously?! This was your first hospitalization? LOL

Murphy indeed! You poor girl :) Glad you're finally out of the hospital and on the mend. See ya soon!