Oh Boy

Yesterday I had my 20 week diagnostic ultrasound.

It's a boy!

And he's already being an uncooperative little booger! He was in a weird position that was frustrating the technician. She got most of the information she needed and our doctor said everything looks good, but now we have to get an additional ultrasound in another three weeks to pick up the images we couldn't get this time around.

I've gained 6 pounds so far and have another 4 months to go. My doctor told us she's keeping my due date for December 1st, but wants to keep a close eye on the baby's growth as she may want to induce labor sooner if he gets too big. Apparently, 10 oz. is average at this stage and our son (according to the ultrasound measurements) is 14 oz. The doctor took one look at Daniel and chastised me for marrying a square-headed giant!

I have to admit it was really a shock to be told (and shown) that our baby is a boy when we were both utterly convinced it was a girl. Up until yesterday I had visions of buying adorable little girl clothes, hearing the squeaky little girl voice, showing her all the things my sister and I liked to do when we were little girls.

With a boy I am completely out of my element. It's going to be interesting!


Diane said...

Congratulations on the news!

schroederjt said...

That is so exciting! Plus, I am sure that a child of any gender will enjoy a good game of shadow puppets, Monopoly, etc.

mom said...

I can't wait to hear what the youngster's name is.

Jennifer said...

Yippee!!! A bouncing bundle of energy for you!!! I PROMISE little boys are loads of fun (plus if you train him right, he can cut your grass, take out garbage, etc). You will have so much fun!!!

Regarding baby boy's size....nice that your doctor is keeping an eye on that!!! (Instead of my doc who told me Owen would be "oh, average size, 6-7#!!)

I can't wait to meet the little guy!!! You should post some pictures for us to see him!!!

HeyBetty!! said...

Yeah doesn't help that 1/2 of our genetics are monster viking sized humanoids....add Daniel's freakishly large amazon genes and you get one GIANT baby!! But maybe you could sell pics to the enquirer?

Donna said...

congratulations! Think of how much fun you had with your cousins and how much you'll enjoy your own little lad. I'm sure Daniel will make sure he's a proper southern gentleman!

BTW as soon as I shared the news with Lucy the shopping frenzy began so expect a package chock full of adorable baby boy items from your Polish mama before baby day!

Mars Girl said...

I think a boy would be more fun to raise than a girl... I'm afraid that if I had a girl, she'd end up being a girly-girl just to spite me. I'm too much of a tomboy to handle a girly-girl... I'd have fun teaching my children to ride bikes and take them along on bike trips... And hiking. I sometimes feel like I miss out on getting to show the world in unique ways to a little one... My husband and I would have raised some interesting kids.