The Opposite of News

You may have noticed my lack of blogging. Or you may actually have a life and haven’t noticed at all. In that case, good for you! I haven’t been much in the mood to blog lately. Just sorta been settling into life again after what seems like a long period of disruption (house, wedding, vacation…). Work is mercifully un- hectic at the moment and I am welcoming the downshift with open arms.

The house is still unfinished – and may always be “unfinished” in my mind because that’s just the kind of obsessive freak I am – but it’s getting there slowly. We are having carpet installers come to our house Saturday to measure for carpeting for our master bedroom. Getting carpeting up there and being able to actually USE that space will go a long way in moving our efforts along towards an organized living space. Right now, so many things are not in their place because we’re still sleeping/living in the guest bedroom, and so the guest bed is in the office, and that means we still have tons of boxes of books everywhere because there’s no room to set up the bookshelves. And we are sorta using our master bathroom, but it’s kind of inconvenient since our master bedroom is inhabitable, and so we’re also using the other bathroom. It’s not horrible, it just all seems slightly discombobulated…and I prefer combobulated (is that a word?)

In other non-exciting news, I went to the doctor yesterday for the first time in like 6 years. That’s right. I have not been to see a physician for any reason in over 6 years. No, not even for my girlie annual exam. I know, shame on me for being so irresponsible. But before you judge, just know that I really dislike going to the doctor. No. Really. Serious anxiety weeks before the appointment. Anything medically related makes me physically weak to the point of cold sweats, shaking and eventually passing out. I’m a HUGE pussy when it comes to medical treatment! But I finally broke down, scheduled an appointment with a doctor for a general exam plus my “annual” exam (or “sporadic” exam in my case).

The doctor was lovely. She’s about my mom’s age, chubby, twinkly eyes, very friendly with a laid-back “it’ll all work out” attitude. This is exactly the kind of doctor I require because I get so stressed out. She did not berate me for not having seen a doctor in over 6 years. She did not chastise me about my weight. She said I had enviable low blood pressure. She did not put reproduction pressure on me. Our budding relationship was going great, we were getting along and even enjoying each other’s company, until she said, “Now I’m going to send you over to the Lab to get a blood sample.” That’s when our amiable relationship came screeching to a halt.

I think she was taken aback by the look of bloodless horror mixed with lines of sheer terror on my face. She responded to my reaction with concerned patience, carefully explaining why they needed to jab a needle in my arm and suck blood out of my veins (okay, simply typing that made me light-headed). She led me, like a stunned trauma victim, to the Lab where she told the technician I would need to lie down to have blood taken. There were three techs and they were so nice all fluttering around me, getting me cold cloths to press to my neck and temples, putting the fan on me, talking to me in low gentle voices to keep me conscious. It was terribly embarrassing. But they were very understanding and very sweet to me. And I survived.

So that’s that.

In two weeks, Daniel and I are taking off for our honeymoon in Egypt and Jordan. Exciting! And in the meantime, we will continue to work on the house which will include painting and carpeting…and perhaps a new flat television to replace our ancient television with the annoying lines at the top of the screen. We will do our jobs, and cook dinner, and go for walks, and play with the cats and generally bask in the comfort of routine until we jet off for Amman on the 19th.

Have a fun Labor Day Weekend!


Mars Girl said...

Dear, I'm the last one to criticize... I fainted in May while at a restaurant because I was describing to a friend an injury that happened to my dad... UGH!!! And, of course, since it happened in a restaurant, the restaurant people *had* to call the ambulance, even though I'd woken up before they called, and, of course, once the ambulance was there, they *had* to take me to the hospital where I had to take several tests that turned out negative for diabetes and heart problems as I struggled to explain to all these incredulous doctors that I fainted because I was thinking/talking about something bloody that grossed me out... UGH!!! I was so embarrassed!!! And I had a big huge shiner on my forehead for several days cuz when I fainted I fell forward on a hard floor....

I have told myself I need to see a therapist about this, but I havent done so yet... I dont want to have to go through whatever it is they are going to have to make me go through to get over this! (I imagine exposing me to bloody movies or something.)

Diane from Hiram said...

Oh, Cathryn, it's a good thing you're not me. One time at the doctor's office they literally had to poke my arms SEVEN TIMES to try to get their blood sample, and they STILL weren't able to get it and finally sent me to the lab upstairs.

Enjoy your honeymoon, it sounds so memorable and exotic!

cathryn said...

Ugh, Diane. Just reading that makes me weak. Thank god I had either a really competent technician or easily accessible veins!!

Terah Lynn said...

I like to say that in my previous life I worked in the medical field because I'm always fascinated when getting my bloodwork done...I get those glazed over eyes of excitement like a kid in awe at a christmas store window. I know...I'm weird. Glad you survived the doctors though :)

Donna said...

Then you have me, who calmly explains to people that I have a traumatic brain injury and should be back to my old self by December--all while not getting overly excited or emotional and being disconnected. People think that's strange. Heck, I think that's strange. It's not good to totally be able to separate yourself from the experience and be non-anxious about it either. Ugh!