Hello Grind, It's Me Again

Here I am. Back at it.

The project that was supposed to go out the week I was on Vacation, got delayed, so immediately upon my return, I was plunged into the Deadline Zone working long hours to get the drawings out the door. After having a week of long leisurely days doing a whole lotta nothing, this was a cruel shock to my system.

Vacations are like anesthesia, they should wear off gradually, gently easing a person back into life’s routines. Being thrown abruptly back into stress and chaos effectively erases the week’s worth of serenity you carefully cultivated.

Sitting at my computer at 8:30 pm, working on dreaded elevator details and OR layouts, the memories of this begin to fade.

As I drive home on the dark deserted streets the calmness of Vacation ebbs to be replaced with anxious stomach acid and I have to try to remember this.

Eating dinner at my desk, again, while making sure dimensions are accurate, it’s difficult to recapture the sweetness of this.

Instead of schedules, sketches, lists, and contacts pinned up inside my cubicle walls, I think I should plaster it with these images of Vacation instead.

Vacation was lovely. We had ideal summer weather, which is highly unusual for Erie at any time of the year – even in summer. The beach house we rented came with its very own adorable private beach. The lake was cool and calm for most of our visit and it was such a soul satisfying treat to spend the day bobbing amongst the waves and tiny silver fish.

It was glorious waking up to the sound of waves instead of the sound of an alarm clock. Reading a good book on a beach chair, in the warm sun, with the waves lapping over your feet is truly one of life’s ultimate pleasures. One night we went to a late movie, afterwards returning to thick summer darkness and the ever-present sounds of the water. One evening we ate grilled fish, outside on the dock while the sun set slowly. One afternoon we nosily poked around a dusty, sweet-smelling used book store. We ate fresh corn, and beans, and tomatoes and zucchini from my grandparent’s garden.

We were able to enjoy our friends and family without the burden of time constraints or holiday obligations.

By the end of the week, I was ready to head home, to my own bed, to my fuzz-butts, to my neighborhood and my unfinished house. And I’m happy to be back. I just miss the joyful simplicity of Vacation. The peace that comes from an unhurried pace.


Mars Girl said...

Cathryn... the same damned thing happened to me when I returned from vacation... I had left with all my work ready to be shipped and sent... only to return the next week to find that nothing had been shipped, nothing had gone smoothly, and it was all back in my lap with revisions for the changes that took place while I was gone. It was like I was out a month. BAAAAH!

Terah Lynn said...

And I can say the same thing for my vacation which actually meant me working on said vacation. What vacation?!? Glad you had a great time in Erie and loved the pictures. Looks so peaceful a place.