Time for Vacay*

Tomorrow morning at 5:00 (yes, 5 A.-fucking-M.), Danielson and I will be driving the 10 hours to my hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania. Woo hoo!

I am very excited about this for a couple of reasons:

1. I REALLY need time away from my job right now. I've been feeling pretty burnt-out/despondent the past month. I'm tired of deadlines. I'm tired of OR layouts, and ED headwalls. I'm tired of Revit. I'm tired of my office. I just need a break, OKAY!? *deep breath* In through the nose...out through the mouth...

2. We will have an entire week in Erie. This is unprecedented. Typically if I venture to Erie, it is not only during a major holiday, but it is also only for a few days in which I am staying with friends or family, and basically running non-stop in an effort to see everyone. It's always fairly exhausting.

Not this time, my friend. This time, we will be renting a beach house all to ourselves. Sweet. AND we're going at a time when there is nothing else going on. No Christmas. No Fourth of July. No long Labor Day weekend. We will actually be able to spend leisurely days together and then enjoy our friends and families in the evenings. We don't have to make excessive plans in order to fit everyone in...we can just play it by ear. Which is exactly how I like to play it.

Even though it's a long drive, I'm looking forward to it. I like road trips. And, we just bought a new car, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of gas mileage we get. We traded in my old V8 Oldsmobile for a new Nissan Versa (meep meep!). And no, we did not qualify for the Cash for Clunkers program. It was just the right thing to do and the right time (for us) to do it. We'd been talking about getting a fuel-efficient vehicle for a while now and when we test drove the Versa, we just really liked it.

I can play with the satellite radio the whole way there - bonus! Plus, we're breaking up the drive a bit with a brief layover in Columbus Ohio to have lunch with Daniel's brother and nieces (commonly referred to as "Jimnthegirls").

Erie - Here We Come!

* that's for you, honey! ;) (psst! Danielson gets annoyed with "words" like "vacay"...and sometimes it's just too damn hard to resist annoying him by using "words" like "vacay")


Mars Girl said...

Hmmm... there's lots of wineries by Erie... If you wanted any wino(s) to visit while you're up there... It's just a few hours' drive for me... tee-hee...

cathryn said...

We do have lots of wineries! Last year Daniel and I managed to make a quick run to Penn Shore and Mazza to stock up.

Feel free to visit - our beach house has a huge deck that looks perfect for wine drinking, although it's on the opposite side of town from where the wineries are located.

Have you been to the Wine Fest? September 25th to the 27th


jen gordon said...

have fun. i'm super jealous... i'm way o.v.e.r. the office too. Enjoy!!

Mars Girl said...

Oh! Oh! Oh!! I wonder if I have anything planned for Sept 25-27! I love the wineries up there!!