Mixed Nuts

I'm a freak. Weird things make me cry. Like this commercial that Alison posted on HER BLOG recently. It's a commercial for the Washington State Lottery - of all things - but it's just so gosh darn warm and fuzzy, and seriously puts a lump in my throat everytime I watch the damn thing. There's something wrong with me. Plus, I've always been strangely compelled to try hang gliding someday. *shrug*

In other news, we received more squash last night in our weekly CSA box. Yep. Squash. We can't seem to escape it. Daniel and I went out for dinner Monday night to celebrate his birthday (Happy Birthday!) and our meals came with a "vegetable of the day". Naturally, the "vegetable of the day" was a big ole steaming pile of mixed squash. Joy.

Speaking of birthday...remember how when it was my birthday a couple of months ago and I enjoyed a whole week full of birthday fun painstakingly planned out? 'Member dat? Yeah well, sadly, Daniel's birthday week was not nearly as masterfully planned because yours truly was in charge and I am not known to be an accomplished planner (just ask Donna). I'm much more of a "live in the moment" sort of person...well, that, or I'm just inordinately lazy. Um...probably the latter.

So, while I had all of these grand, half-materialized plans floating around in my head, none of them ever really came to fruition. I did manage to leave little happy fun notes all over (like in his shoes and taped to his cologne) for him to find during his birthday week. Notes like "you make me laugh so hard sometimes I feel like I'm gonna throw-up". Yep. I'm fantastically eloquent. I also picked up a couple of foodie magazines to replace the ones in our kitchen he's already read. On his actual birthday - while he watched the US Open (golf. gag.)- I cleaned his bathroom, his bedroom, and washed, dried, and put away his laundry. That may not be the most creative birthday present, but what I lack in planning abilities I make up for with mad cleaning skills.

Also, have I mentioned my summer tennis league started last week? Well, it did. And while my skills have improved drastically since the beginning of spring league, I ended up barely losing my match last week. But it was so fun and so close, that I didn't even care. I played again last night with an opponent who is new to the league. We were fairly well matched with me winning the first set 6-1 and her winning the second set 6-3. THEN, in this particular league, if there is a split set tie, you are supposed to play a ten point pro set instead of a full third set.

I knew this, but hadn't been in a tie situation for so long that I wasn't quite sure. My opponent insisted that she had read the rules and was certain it said "best of three sets". So, we played a full third set. It was hot. We were tired. We ended up playing for like two and a half hours and I finally won 6-0. You better believe I ran right home and read the league rules! Which clearly state, "DO NOT play a full third set" in big bold letters. See? I knew what I was talking about. Sheesh. Sometimes I have so little faith in myself...okay, lots of times, but so what.


Terah Lynn said...

Okay...I watched that commercial and it didnt bring tears to my eyes...but more sparks of laughter with all the species of birds that were harnassed to these men gliding :) Great concept though!

boty said...

OMG I love this commercial!!!!!! I too was weepy eyed...mostly because that is soo something we would do..."c'mon friend, we'll fly together". :-) warm and fuzzy saffron

mom said...

especially love the penguin in his last scene when he's flapping his little wings. "look at me, I'm flying !!" what a neat commercial.