Dogs & Cats & Lizards...Oh My!

So, you know how I have this family here in Nashville for whom I function as sometimes kid-sitter, sometimes pet-sitter, and one-time-Bar-Mitzvah-chaperone? Well, this week I've donned my pet-sitter hat. Under my competent care is one slobbery black lab of an attention whore, two highly skittish felines with serious superiority complexes, and one baby leopard gecko lizard named Flicky who requires 4 live crickets every day.

Oddly, I am not entirely unfamiliar with the whole live-cricket-as-food-source thing. In the past, I have fed live crickets to my cousin's pet frogs and even had to make a pet store run on one occasion to acquire a fresh batch of live crickets. I also experienced a live cricket episode when I worked at ABX Air. We were unloading a whole pallet of boxes filled with live crickets to be shipped to various pet supply stores. One of the boxes apparently ripped or something and a bunch of crickets escaped into the dark recesses of the warehouse and for weeks afterwards it sounded like we were working out on the prairie, the chirping was that loud. Poor crickets.

Aaaaaanyway, in addition to the dog, the cats, the lizard and the poor crickets, I've also come in contact (well, eye contact) with a deer who has been hanging around the house. I've seen her twice now and one time I was so close (like seriously about 10 feet away) I couldn't resist trying to take a few photos. And while I fumbled with my stupid cell phone camera, she just stood there looking at me like, "um...could you hurry it up please, I have things to do". But she humored me and I apologized, quickly took her picture and then let her be on her way.

Yes, I am aware my photography skills SUH-UCK.

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