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Marketers love me. No, really they do. I am so ridiculously susceptible to advertising it's almost unbelievable. But, if you don't believe me just ask Bethany, or Daniel. If I happen to catch an infomercial, I am transfixed and immediately decide that I need - no, cannot live without - whatever it is they are selling and frantically look for pen and paper to write down the phone number. If I see enticing products advertised in a magazine, I rip the page out for future reference. If I read a sales campaign online for some shiny new product, I'll expertly bookmark it.

Fortunately for my bank account, I am also somewhat of a flutter-head and more often than not I end up losing the scraps of paper with phone numbers scribbled on them, misplacing the torn magazine ads, and completely forgetting about my carefully bookmarked sites. Plus, the guilt associated with frivolous spending is usually more than I can bear.

BUT, when I went to Wal-Mart this weekend and stumbled across THIS:

I couldn't help myself. I had seen the commercials for it and had salivated, because I am particularly partial to facial products. So I justified my purchase internally and plopped the thing in my cart with a satisfied grin.

Okay, so here's the dilly-o with this facial gadget. For about $12 you get the vibrating "power cleanser" along with the necessary AA battery to power it and 14 cleanser pads. The pads are already pre-loaded with facial cleanser, so you just place one on the vibrating gadget and it sticks there utilizing a velcro-like method. The gadget is super simple. There is ONE button. You push it ON and the facial gadget vibrates. You push it OFF and it stops. Simple.

Though it IS simple to operate (which is a huge bonus in my world), it's not quite what I envisioned. I thought it would be more like a home micro-dermabrasion sort of thing. I thought there would be more scrubbing or exfoliating action. But, the cleanser pads are quite smooth with just a little bit of texture to them and the facial gadget DOES vibrate, but not excessively so. I'll admit it feels nice on my face and my skin does feel exceptionally soft and smooth after I use it. And maybe it does indeed clean pores "10x better than traditional cleansing products".

It's gentle enough for me to use everyday, so once I run out of cleanser pads and have to buy refills, I'll reassess the "power cleanser" situation.

In the meantime, I'll continue to feed my infomercial addiction and ogle the shiny new products advertisers place in front of me.

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