Let's Be Reasonable

I demand an immediate and complete halt to the writers’ strike.

Who am I to demand such a thing? I’ll tell you who! I am a bug-crazy LOST addict who is already experiencing nervous twitches at the thought that ONLY 8 episodes have been written for Season 4, which means, after last night, the reserve is already down to seven. Seven!

Even the remote possibility that this fact is merely a malicious rumor, makes no difference to me – this is not something to fuck around with. Do not toy with me, people! Give the writers whatever they want! Just do it.

A million dollars? Done.
A two-headed turtle? You got it.
A lifetime supply of marshmallows? Coming right up.
My firstborn child? Just sign on the dotted line.

I don’t care what it takes to get these writers writing again. The future of my sanity – and tv watching enjoyment – depends upon it!

LOST shines with a frustrating, exciting, and confusing brilliance. It’s such an imaginative production. The interesting, multi-faceted characters, complex plot lines, blind turns and hair-raising twists make my spine and toes tingle with anticipation.

I’ll beg if I have to. Don’t test me – I’ll do it, and it won’t be pretty.


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boty said...

Lets shove them in an oven too! Assholes give them their dollars!!!