Anthropomorphize Much?

January sucks. January is a suck-ass month. It’s cold and it’s dark and there are no fun holidays. New Year’s Day is NOT a fun holiday. New Year’s Eve, yes. New Year’s Day, no. And this particular January has been full of loooooong hours at work. So, I am glad that the last day of January is tomorrow.

Good-bye grim, glum January.

So long cold, dim January – don’t let the door hit ya on your way out!

January is supposed to be the month of beginnings. New Year’s Resolutions and all that bullshit. But January always leaves me with a distinct lack of motivation. January does not inspire ambitious undertakings. January sucks the energy out of me and wickedly whispers in my ear, stay under the warm covers just a little longer…curl up on your couch and zone out…no need to do laundry…forget about cleaning the bathroom…packing can wait…your plants don’t need water…

January is just such a bleak disappointment after sparkly December. And lovely Spring seems achingly far away. I suspect January holds a high opinion of itself, thinking it is truly a model month. The leader of the pack. Setting the bar for the other 11 months. January is delusional. January is one of those self-important blowfish, puffing itself up over nothing.

You get two more days, January – that’s it! And just so you know, I will not be sad to see you go.


Gibbarella said...

I hate January almost as much. The only good thing about the past 31 days is the first one and the 8th one but I was too busy working to enjoy either.

At least your name isnt January. Maybe that is why no one is named January. I have friends named April, I have heard of people named June and my sister is named Julie after her birth month July.

Alison said...


Jan for short?

boty said...

OOOOooooooooh, a sparkly!

The January voice in your head was so loud I could hear it all the way over here.

Anonymous said...

i love January. it's so cold and crisp. you're not tired of shoveling snow yet or dressing in 3 layers just to let the cat out.and there are a lot of good sales. February, now that's a wicked month. just can't pick up that darn shovel even when the snow is so deep you have to tunnel you're way thru to get from the house to the car. the snow is now dirty, the Jan. thaw didn't quite make it down to the bottom 3 inches and the

Anonymous said...

continued...and the roads are so slippery no amount of salt, ashes, or plowing can improve you're chances of driving somewhere without, at the very least, a fender bender. And every 4 years some idiot adds an extra day to the month, what's that about? why not add a day to sept. or Oct. when you could actually enjoy it? No, January I can live with. It's Feb. that sucks. except, of course for Boty's BD.

cathryn said...

LOL Mom - you're a weirdo!