Deck the Halls!

What does one wear to an office Christmas Party?

A.) an extremely low-cut dress displaying a good 2/3rds of your bra-less ta-ta’s
B.) an extremely high-cut dress displaying a good portion of upper thigh
C.) a santa hat
D.) all of the above

Answer: D

Yes kids, last night was the annual TMP Christmas Party. And while, sadly, there were no shrubbery incidents this year, we were mightily entertained with New Guy’s date. We can pretty safely assume New Guy’s date is/was an employee of Big Jim’s Boobie Bungalow. I’m pretty sure she was blonde, and I suspect she was kinda crossed-eyed, but it’s hard to say because when you’ve got Thelma & Louise staring you down, there is NO WHERE else to look! ‘Nuf said.


Terah Lynn said...

Well said...LOL....

Gibbarella said...

Yea they were the most photographed asset at the event.