Swords and eggs and booby traps...oh my!

You may recall (vaguely perhaps) a previous blog entry regarding my less-than-successful weekend of babysitting. You'll remember that the boys and I just didn't seem to click and my theory was that I had just been out of the babysitting loop for too long. Well, tonight, I gave the babysitting gig another chance with another set of boys (12 and 7) and ya know what? my confidence in my kid relating skills has been renewed. yay!

There were pillow fights (or cushion fights rather, which can become much more vicious!) and sword fights (foam swords...don't worry, no limbs were lost) and egg experiments (only one egg was damaged and only a hairline crack at that!) and fortresses with secret passages and booby traps (constucted from massive amounts of wooden blocks). hee. It was fun. The boys and I clicked right away and had a great time. Of course, it was only three hours as opposed to three days, but still, it was an evening reminiscent of my glory days of babysitting!


boty said...

it sounds like they are as dorky as we were (and still are) as kids. Real (sing it like you mean it) "3-2-1 contact!" type of kids ;-)

jimmy said...

What? You didn't play "Let's drink whatever's under the sink"?

terah said...

So this is what I have to look forward to on Saturday?? Sounds like fun!