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If you had been driving through Maryland Farms today around 2 o'clock, you may have seen me out in the parking lot taking photos of brick samples. Yes, brick samples. Why, you ask, were you taking photos of brick samples...in the parking lot? Let me explain:

When picking out exterior material color schemes for projects, accurate representation is crucial. These color schemes have to be drawn from the real-life materials we'll be using and have to be recreated in Photoshop. So, it was easy enough to scan the various EIFS color samples. However, one cannot scan brick samples. Therefore, I had to take a digital photo of the brick samples to import into photoshop to do the color match. And, in order to get as true-to-life color as possible, I needed natural light - hence, me, my camera, and my brick samples, in the parking lot. Oh the glamorous life I lead.

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