Piece of Cake!

I work in a pro-cake office. (Jealous?)
And I have to admit we are blatantly discriminatory against other forms of sugary baked goods. While we enjoy cake on a regular basis…we don't do donuts or muffins or bagels or cookies…noooooo! No, by god, we are a cake lovin' group!

Fortunately, someone celebrates a birthday every month of the year which guarantees cake at least every 30 days or so, in addition to the cakes for various celebratory occasions - and honestly, we can come up with pretty much ANY excuse to celebrate as long as it involves cake. Today was September birthday cake - chocolate layer cake with white frosting - yummy.

Cake just makes things a little bit better, ya know? Some may prefer a stiff martini, or an invigorating jog, or a relaxing bath or a big chunk of crack, but in my world nothing beats cake as a warm, fuzzy, numbing sedative. It's my drug of choice.

I have a feeling I'm going to require copious amounts of cake next week. Better stock up.


boty said...

"big chunk of crack" LMFAO!!! "I love cake! It's my favorite food!"

...what about chocolate crack chunk cake?

jimmy said...

Crack is much cheaper than cake...you can get high for about $5 down here in FL!

terah said...

I puffy heart cake of just about any flavor!

cathryn said...

I puffy heart cake of any flavor too...although I must insist on frosting. Just say no to naked cake! And Jimmy - crack may be cheaper but it's not nearly as delicious...not that I would know...

Chocolate crack chunk cake has a nice ring to it...you may be on to something Boty!

boty said...

$5.00 for crack? Where exactly in Florida are you? I think you just bought some expensive rock salt. :-P