Bringing the Sexy Back...to Nashville

Okay, I just gotta tell you how phenomenal Justin Timberlake (affectionately referred to from here on in as JT) was in concert last night. Seriously, I simply don't understand how anyone can not LOVE this guy. Yes, he was in a boy band. Yes, he dated Brittany Spears. But, c'mon people! He is one talented human being - he sings, he dances, he writes his own songs, he plays the piano...and he smiles that sweet, sweet smile.

Anyway, Jen, Terah and I headed downtown last night to participate in the adoration of JT. It was totally worth the $60 nosebleed seats (the stage set was so brilliantly designed though that we actually had great views) and the mock-fest leading up to the actual concert. We were ridiculed, laughed at, asked if we were in the process of making t-shirts with puffy paint for the auspicious occasion, and informed we would probably be the oldest people there - without accompanying pre-teens! Laugh all you want, we had F-U-N. And we were not the oldest people in attendance - so there!

The people-watching (and of course commenting) opportunities were, as you can imagine, pretty prolific. There were, of course, hoardes of pre-teens (wearing, of course, their handmade puffy paint t-shirts), there was also the ghetto fabulous contingency in from Memphis (where JT is from), there were many representatives from the Gays (which is it's own little nugget of entertainment right there!)...and then there were just lots of regular twenty and thirty-somethings, including us.

The only annoying bits of the evening involved a 20-mile (yes, 20) long line at the bar during intermission and the losers near us who were trying to dance with glow sticks. I'll admit, I've done my share of glow stick dancing...like TEN years ago! There was a time and a place for glow sticks and a Justin Timberlake concert in the year 2007 is neither the time nor the place. Am I right Bethany?

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