A little cheese with my whine, please

You may notice that my last blog entry is from exactly one week ago. (yeah, yeah...I haven't been motivated to blog this week - my life just isn't that interesting). This is not significant except for the fact that last Wednesday we had gorgeous weather amidst a week of wet, gloomy, chilly days and I was pissed I didn't get to enjoy it; having to spend my entire day inside an office and then proceeding directly from said office to spend my entire evening in yet another interior environment for my CDT class.

So, the week progressed. Saturday it was rainy and chilly and Jen and I ended up playing tennis indoors. Then Sunday we were going to attempt to play outside, but again, it was rainy and cold. Then Monday, miracle of miracles (!), it wasn't wet and was actually fairly sunny, so Loulee and I decided to meet after work for some tennis. We ended up playing for only an hour due to the gradual numbness that encroached on our fingers! Once the half-hearted sun went down, it turned cold and windy, and I'm just not that hardy! (I think I'm getting used to the relative Southern warmness and it's making me soft!)

And yesterday, yes you guessed it, it was again a beautiful Wednesday. Sunny with a high of 72. And again I was in the office all day and again had class all evening and again did not get to partake in the fleeting warmth and sunshine.

This morning I woke up to a loud crash of thunder and ribbons of rain pelting my windows. Sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown. Good Grief.

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