Under the Weather

I think I may have overdone it with the Christmas enthusiasm. The Christmas overload build-up all began Thursday night as I made plans to go see the Repertory Theater's production of "Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol" (yay!). Then Friday at work, everyone was buzzing about the upcoming Christmas party (which sounds like it's going to be F-U-N!) and, I was antsy with anticipation all day long, looking forward to picking our Secret Santas (I know - I'm a dork - I can't help it).

Then Friday night was the Nashville Christmas Parade downtown, which I dragged Kelly to in the freezing cold temperatures, and where we stood outside for nearly two hours watching the procession of bands, and floats, and balloons, and lights, and Christmas music and of course, Santa Claus! Just the day before we had been enjoying 75 degree weather. Last night it was in the 30's. But hey, it was a CHRISTMAS PARADE - c'mon people! like I'm gonna miss THAT! - it was totally worth the frost-bitten digits in my opinion! Then this morning I woke up early to go out Christmas shopping at the ridiculously crowded stores - all I ended up getting was a pair of shoes (for me!).

And now, I'm sick. Stuffy head, post-nasal drip, achy muscles, sore throat...very unpleasant. Thus, tonight I'm taking a little time to recuperate so I can continue my Christmas binge at my earliest convenience!

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