To Decorate or Not to Decorate

I love Christmas.

The only thing I really like about Thanksgiving (besides the mashed potatoes) is the end of Thanksgiving, which signifies the beginning of the Christmas season. I like to hear Christmas music playing in the stores and on the radio. I eagerly look forward to the Christmas specials on t.v. I get excited seeing houses lit up at night with Christmas lights. I like baking Christmas cookies. I get giddy picking out Christmas gifts and Christmas wrapping and ribbons.

Thanksgiving is OVER - bring on Christmas in all its tinsley, glowing, red and green glory!
Okay, so it's been established that I like Christmas. A lot. But despite my genuine holiday enthusiasm, I am often reluctant to decorate my own place. Some years I do it and some years I don't. During college, my roommate and I would decorate our dingy little dorm room for the holidays, but when I'm living by myself, sometimes pulling out all the decorations and putting them up (and taking them down again) is just not an enticing idea. If I were planning on having company or hosting some kind of holiday gathering, THEN I would decorate - absolutely. But, this year I have no such plans and am debating whether or not the hassle of decorating will be worth it. I don't know...it's still in consideration.

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