Political Bullying

No doubt I will be crucified for this post, but I am just irritated enough not to care! Ironically, that's what I'm being accused of - not caring. I am sick to death of being asked if I'm going to vote, bold inquiries as to who I'm going to vote for, not-so-subtle reminders to support my candidate, and belligerent admonishments for not exercising my right to vote. Since when has badgering become fashionable? In the immortal words of my friend Melissa, "Leave me alone!"

Am I mistaken, or is it also my right to NOT vote? I realize our country's voter-turn-out in the past few elections has been dismal, but does anyone ever stop to wonder why? It's not because we don't give a damn. It's not because we are uneducated, unintelligent masses. It's not even because we are vacuously pursuing a shallow existence.

I do not vote because I do not feel confident in the abilities or intentions of ANY of the smug, self-serving, slimey politicians running for ANY party. I am convinced that no matter who gets put into office, nothing extraordinary or purposeful will happen because they are all automatons of the same political machine with nothing but their own interests at heart. I know, it's not like me to be so terribly cynical. And it is disheartening to say the least, which is why I inadvertantly steer clear of all things political - it's just too depressing and just one more thing to sap my optimistic energy.

Until a candidate comes along with the integrity, independence, and humility to capture my admiration and respect, I will continue to exercise my right NOT to vote.

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Anonymous said...

It is like Richard Linklater said:

"Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy."

Also, look at how many things I have to say to your blog posts!