Leaving On A Jet Plane

Yep, tomorrow at 6:45 am (ugh) I will be boarding a private jet to go to South Carolina for the final punch and state inspection on an ED expansion project.

Ahhh…livin’ the high life…movin’ up in the world…etc, etc.

Okay so I’m only going because the guy who is supposed to be going, can’t. But I’m good with that.

The contracting firm on this particular job has their own corporate jet, which makes travel to and from the job site ever so convenient.

I didn’t really work on this project at all, but the ED expansion I am doing now is for the same client. On this project, however, the hard parts are over. The headaches are done. The stress is gone. There’s just this one final little piece where everyone gets to bask in the glow of a completed job and pat each other on the back.

This is where I step in and enjoy the fruits of others’ labors. I know, it’s terribly unfair, but someone has to do it.

I’ll let you know if they serve mimosas on the flight.


Jennifer said...

Congrats! If they do serve mimosas, please have one (or two) for me, too!!!

mom said...

sounds loverly!

Alison said...

... and my job sends me to Anchorage in December, coach class, middle seat. One night I had Chex Mix and Diet Pepsi for dinner. It was still awesome, though :) Have fun! (Is ED Emergency Department?)

Mars Girl said...

I used to work for a company that had a small corporate jet that seated 8 people. I had to take frequent trips to the plant in Long Island--about every other week. Believe it or not, yeah, they wasted money to fly a tech writer out that often! ;) It was a blast and the best job I ever had. They had lots of adult beverages on the plane so the rides home were the best.... ;) Especially when the plane wasnt full because one of the seats was actually the toilet... So if you had to pee, you had to kick the guy out of the back seat (it had a door, don't worry). So if it was just 4 of us, we could drink all we wanted without a worry! We used to fly into Burke Lakefront Airport... that was a blast too. Good times, good times.

cathryn said...

MG - This was an 8 seater as well. Very spacious and comfortable . . . but no alcohol on this trip. And an amazingly efficient way to travel. No waiting at the airport. No security checks. Just show up and climb on board!

cathryn said...

Alison - Do you have any pictures of your Anchorage visit? I would love to see Alaska!

And yes, ED = Emergency Department :)

Alison said...

A few, mostly taken from the window of my hotel room.


I take it the ED was not in active use yet. No fainting, only basking :)