The Bane of My Existence

Is wallpaper.

Especially wallpaper that has been painted and is now starting to show signs of bubbling. It's everywhere. The only room that has NO wallpaper is the living room and that's only because it's wood paneled.

Small mercies gratefully accepted.


This is one of the bedrooms that has old wallpaper painted a depressing shade of muddy brownish/fleshy gray. Nice, eh?


And then there's our dining room which features un-painted wallpaper in a lovely floral pattern glued onto bare, unprimed, 80 year old plaster walls.

Fortunately, Home Depot allows us to rent "the beast", which is the only way we have found to successfully remove all of this old wallpaper. Steam works wonders, and without any harmful chemicals.

Will post AFTERS once the sanding/patching/priming/painting is complete.

So, sometime around June 2010. Optimistically.

And despite appearances, I do actually help with the wallpaper removal...except when I'm taking pictures.


Mars Girl said...

I love how all your pictures feature Daniel working... ;) Are you the supervisor?

HeyBetty!! said...

Cafra....DENIED! You cut off any hopes of making fun of you "working" by adding your little last remark. YOU TURD!

Anonymous said...
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