Get Outta Mah House!

Our contractors have had it good, man. G-O-O-D. For the past 5 weeks, they have had exclusive run of our house. No bothersome people or pets to work around, no furniture to worry about, and no schedules for them to deal with. Ideal circumstances under which to work.

All of that is about to change Friday morning when Daniel and I pull up with our moving truck full of furniture, our two cats, our work schedules and our lives. Our contractors' perfect little set-up is about to go down the terlit very quickly.

Which is why they should hurry the fuck up and get outta mah house!

Otherwise, we're going to be moving into this:

And this:

And this: Notice the lack of countertops

Right now, there is NO WAY all of our stuff will fit in addition to all of the construction crap strewn willy-nilly throughout the ENTIRE house.

Hopefully (fingers and toes crossed), MUCH will get done in the next 4 days. Today, the electrician is supposed to install all the new lighting, new receptacles, and upgrade some wiring. Our kitchen countertops are also supposed to be installed today. Our contractor is supposed to finish the kitchen floor and finish repairing the kitchen walls. Our kitchen appliances are supposed to be installed on Thursday.

That's a whole lotta supposin'.

In more productive news: This past weekend, Daniel and I sanded, primed and painted the hallway leading to the kitchen and the kitchen ceiling. Paint under our fingernails and in our hair has become an inevitable part of our lives. Tuesday night we will be sanding and priming the walls behind the refrigerator, and Wednesday, we will paint those walls in preparation for the refrigerator installation on Thursday.

You can see the color we'll be painting the kitchen walls just there above the window. It's not a terribly accurate color representation but, it's called Puddle and it's a purple-ish gray color. I love the names of paint color. Really. I delight in them. If I could find a way to make paint-naming my career, I so would! In addition to Puddle, we also bought cans of Castle Walk (for the dining room), Sweet Molasses (for the pink bathroom), and Gobi Desert (for the master bath and bedroom).

FUN FACT! My sister also, without prior knowledge or consultation, bought Gobi Desert for HER new bathroom. We're weird like that.

Anyway, cross your fingers that our contractors fully understand the ramifications of us moving in to their construction site in less than 4 days!


boty said...

I also wanted to paint my kitchen purple just so you know...but it didn't work with the counter tops :-(
we are twins 4 years divided.

boty said...

oh yes, I almost forgot "GET OUTTA MAH HOUSE!"

mom said...

yeah, get out of mah daughta's house !

Gibbarella said...

remember the color of my bedroom in Nashville? Well you kitchen reminds me of that. I love that gray-purple color and your kitchen with the stainless looks great with it.