Renovation By Proxy

Buying a house is awesome. Buying a house and not being able to ever see it, SUCKS.

Yes, that’s right, due to the fact that I leave for work at 7 a.m. and don’t return from work until 8:30 p.m. (yes, even on the weekends), I have zero time to drive over to our newly purchased house to help with the renovations.

Being forced to stay on the sidelines during this project is maddening.

Fortunately, because Daniel is aware of my slight control freak nature, he sends me text messages with pictures attached whenever he is at the house. Cuz he's the best, that's why!

Last night, after work, he went to Home Depot to pick out the range hood – he’s the kitchen guy, so that decision is all his! Then he went to the house to clean.

Yes, we are aware there is massive rehab going on in our house and cleaning at this point is mostly futile, but there is one large bedroom where NOTHING is happening. Not one thing.

Sooooo, what we thought was that we could use this room to get a jump on moving. You know, haul over a handful of boxes every time we go over there so when we REALLY move (in ONE fucking month – AHH!), there won’t be as much to move. Good plan, right?

But we don’t want to pile a bunch of stuff in a room that is filthy and filled with ladybug carcasses, so Daniel cleaned it.

You should know that he’s a little obsessed with the hardwood floors in our house and is always researching the best ways to care for them, clean them, be one with them . . .etc. So he got this stuff at Home Depot specifically for hardwood floor rejuvenation and went at it.

And sent me a text message with this picture attached: Look at the shine!


He also sent me a picture of our brand new HVAC unit! Woo hoo!

In case you hadn't noticed, the camera on his phone is not a high quality piece of photographic equipment. Here's another picture of our new HVAC unit taken by our contractor with his camera phone.

Daniel also showed me that our contractor had picked up our new bathroom sinks and vanities. Yay!

And also that there was some curious tile in the kitchen that neither one of us knew anything about. Hmmmm... Will have to ask contractor about mystery tile.

Even though I can't be there, Daniel is making sure I get to share in the exciting renovation process via text messages and pics - slightly fuzzy, out-of-focus pictures, but pictures nonetheless. Cuz he's the best, that's why!


Mars Girl said...

It's a good thing you're marrying him! ;) One should only marry the best.

cathryn said...

Yup! He's a good'un. :) Since I've been working so much lately, he's also been the only one doing the dish washing, the laundry, the trash removal...and packing my lunch for me every morning...in addition to doing stuff at the house.

boty said...

*sniff-sniff* I memember when I used to pack your lunch :-( mmm peanut butter cookies wrapped in wax paper...

oh and what's up with the mystery tile?