Our house is going through a transformation, a metamorphosis. And it's cool to witness the stages. Last week, our contractors gutted, GUTTED, our master bathroom and framed it out.

They also cleaned out our crawlspace and remediated the mold down there. They ripped out the old HVAC unit and cleaned (and replaced where necessary) the duct work all throughout the house. They removed the old kitchen applicances and took up the sub-flooring in the kitchen.

And they are making a royal mess of the place. Our little house is in its "ugly phase".

Daniel removed wallpaper in the kitchen this weekend along with the tack strips in the basement. Tack strips that were nailed INTO the concrete. Good times.

And the yard... Uh. I don't even want to talk about the yard. We've had non-stop rain for the past 5 days (seriously) and our yard is now officially a jungle. And we do not have a mower. And it is low on our list of priorities. So, we'll just have to live in a jungle for a while.


Mars Girl said...

It's going to look super-cool when it's finished, Cathyrn!! I am currently excited because my dad brought to my house yesterday the new front door I bought... and he's planning on installing it today! I cant wait to dance around the shiny new pretty door with its cool designer half-moon shaped window and my side panels similarly cool designs... My other door was so ugly, I'm just plum thrilled.

And that's when you know you're a home owner... when something as simple as a new door is installed on your house and you feel absolute glee and contentedness from it. I think this is what is called nesting. ;)

cathryn said...

Yeah, who knew one could be so excited over clean duct work!? :)

Frank said...

The yard looks nice to me as is!

cathryn said...

Thanks Frank :) Actually, we have about 1.5 acres out back that run down to a creek, and we'll be doing very little landscaping to that area - maybe toss out some wildflower seeds.

The previous owners only mowed the front yard, the side areas and a little portion of the back yard just up to the garage. The rest they left up to the discretion of Nature...and we will probably do the same.

boty said...

Your house is like an 8-12 year old child...ugly stage! LOL that cracks me up!

mom said...

i love your kitchen cupboards, they look really nice.