Things You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

Or, things you actually never wanted to know. Whatev.

I currently have a mosquito bite directly between my third and fourth toes that is Driving.Me.Crazy!!!

After enjoying another episode of LOST last night with my fellow LOST fanatics, Amy and I found out that Terah does not like to mix her fruit with any kind of bread product. That's right - no muffins, no cobblers, no pastries...you get the idea. Although she does like tomatoes, which, as we all know are fruit. And she does like pizza...sooooooo....pizza dough = bread product and tomatoes = fruit. Am I right?

We also learned that Amy spends good portions of her days eating mini doughnuts by the sleeve while wearing an eye patch. Huh.

Kelly has perhaps discovered the greatest alternative to real-live s'mores EVER. Graham cracker smeared with Nutella and a dollop of marshmallow creme. Can I get an AMEN?! I have every intention of testing this alternative as soon as I drag myself to the grocery store (am I the only one who hates going to the grocery store?) to get graham crackers and marshmallow creme. You know I have Nutella.

If you leave a turkey sandwich in your lunch box, in your bedroom, under a pile of clothes for...oh...5 days or so, that lunchbox will develop an ungodly stench and a miniature forest of mold. And then you will need to get a new lunchbox.

When someone gives you a container of unopened foundation powder on the premise that "it was buy one get one free and I'll never go through two of these things", is that a polite way of saying, "you have bad skin, please cover it up before I vomit in my mouth"? Hmmm...in a rare spirit of self-love, I'm going with the theory that it was simply a thoughtful gesture and an opportunity for free makeup!

Today is Friday and I am oh-so-thankful. There is alcohol in my immediate future. Oh yes there is.


mom said...

mosquitoes instinctively know where to bite to cause the most ungodly frustration causing many people to scratch their skin right off. I really can't think of one positive thing mosquitoes do, except maybe as a food supply for bats and such.

boty said...

Malaria, MALARIA!!!

Anonymous said...

Terah doesn't eat fruit at all...much less IN anything. ;) that girl doesn't know what she's missing.

Gibbarella said...

That turkey sandwich thing is just gross. I typically like to grow my mold in a controlled environment called the fridge. And yes it was just a thoughtful gesture you dork.