The Hazards of Having a Roommate

Right. So, I seriously contemplated sleeping in this morning and calling in “sick” (cough, cough). My alarm went off at 6 like it usually does, but it was so warm and cozy under the covers that I hit the snooze button every 7 minutes for the next 40 minutes while I internally justified staying home from work today.

Justification #1: I didn’t sleep well. I was restless all night and if I go to work I’ll just be tired and irritable and won’t get much done anyway. Really, I’d be doing my employer and co-workers a favor!

Justification #2: I AM actually feeling sort of sick. My stomach has been kinda hurting this morning and I think it was hurting last night too – probably from my post-tennis dinner of chocolate chip cookies and blueberry soda. I should just stay home. I have my health to consider!

Justification #3: Even if I took the whole day off, I would still have enough vacation time for my jaunt to Seattle in May. Personal Time Off – it’s there to be used, isn’t it?

Justification #4: There are no immediate deadlines in my future that I’m aware of. The project won’t suffer (much) if I’m not there today. Besides, it’s a stupid annoying project anyway!

Justification #5: I could get a lot of things done today if I stayed home. I would be WAY more productive here after a few more hours of sleep than I would be at work. I could finish my laundry, clean the kitchen, pay some bills, change the litter, vacuum the stairs, go for a walk, wash the windows, clean my bathroom tile with a toothbrush, polish the silver (oh wait, I don’t have any silver to polish). Ambitious? Bah! I could do it all if only I could sleep a little longer.

I was THIS close (visual aide: thumb and forefinger approximately half an inch apart) to shutting off my ever-loving alarm for good and sleeping til 9 or 10.

And then the voice of reason popped up. This voice was not in my head. This voice belonged to my oh-so-perky, morning-loving roomy. Kill…kiiiillllllllll!

“If you really want to stay home today, ok, but don’t forget you wanted to save vacation time for this summer” and “We’re carpooling today, aren’t we?” and “If you’re going to work today, you better get up or we’ll be late and I know how you hate to be late” and “Here. Toast. With almond butter.”

Yes, I think it’s safe to say he’s the devil. Good thing he's cute!


boty said...

Oh how we Johnson girls LOVE mornings ;-)

I wish I had someone to make me toast with almond schmear!

Gibbarella said...

Ahh all my roomate leaves me in the morning is a floater in the toilet. :) hope you enjoyed that story. You are spoiled rotten.

Delirious said...


Lucky girl!!