Happy effin' Birthday to me

Blah. At 12:16 am EST on this date in 1976, I saw the light - literally. Past the age of twelve, birthdays have ceased to make me happy (well except for the surprise party Jen and Donna threw for my 18th birthday - that was fun)...instead they just make me sad. And it's not about the age thing really (although I can't say I am rejoicing at now being IN my 30's instead of just 30). Birthdays are naturally melancholic - for me anyway; too reflective or something. I feel like staying home from work today and just letting this day go by without notice. But I won't. Again, blah.

On a brighter non-birthday related topic, I have my first tennis league match of the season tonight. Yay!

Editor's Note: Strike that - no tennis to cheer me up tonight...my opponent called and asked to reschedule for Sunday. *sigh*

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