Easter Battle

I am sad and disheartened to report that there is a veritable war going on at my office. Factions are forming. Alliances have been sealed. There has been passionate debate going on all week. Those who were once friends have turned to bitter rivals almost overnight. It has been harrowing to say the least.

What, you ask, could be the cause of such destructive behavior? Religious differences? Political stances? Moral and ethical dilemmas? No. No. And no. Even worse....brace yourselves....candy. Candy is the source of our "Eve of Destruction". Easter candy to be more precise. A great divide between those who love Cadbury Creme Eggs and those who adore Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs; a chasm filled with distrust, misunderstanding, and fear.

True enough, I fall on the side of Cadbury Creme Eggs, but I accept all candy preferences and orientations. After all, isn't it all just one piece of the great sugary goodness? Can't we all just enjoy our preferred Easter candy and extend tolerance to those who don't share our preference (yes, even to the poor lost souls who prefer Jelly Beans or Peeps). Let us lay aside our differences and embrace our shared love and enjoyment of Easter candy. Let us not revert to violence and insults. Tolerance my friends...tolerance...

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