TV Crack

My name is Cathryn and I'm addicted to TV crack.

Shocking I know, considering how little tv I actually watch. As a kid we never had cable and as an adult I have never had cable willingly (having your boyfriend refuse to hang out at your apartment unless you have cable is NOT willingly - besides, he paid for it). However, there have been a few shows during my life that I have watched religiously. It started in high school with Beverly Hills 90210 (don't laugh - you know you watched it too!!) and then in college it was Ally McBeal. From there my addiction progressed to Sex & the City. And then Donna introduced me to Buffy and I was almost instantaneously hooked on that genius television goodness. So you see, up until a few weeks ago, my television obsession preferences have been in the category of "critically-acclaimed-award-winning" tv (well except for 90210 - but hey, it was high school).

And THEN my friend Terah made me watch a couple of episodes of the MTV "reality" show Laguna Beach. It's all been down-hill since that night. This is not quality tv. Laguna Beach is decadent trash tv. It is not smart or clever or creative. It is tv crack and I love it. The show follows various groups of high school seniors in the California coastal resort town of Laguna Beach. When I put a new DVD in and hear the Hilary Duff opening credits soundtrack, I can feel my brain cells screaming and jumping ship. . . .and yet, I can't seem to stop watching it. I have always had this strong repulsion to the whole "reality" tv show movement - scoffing at Survivor, mocking The Bachelor, ridiculing The Amazing Race. . . you get the picture. And ironically enough, Laguna Beach is "reality" tv at it's worst! It's so unbelievably BAD, it's good.

So now if you'll excuse me, I need to go start the Season Two DVD, I have to find out if Kristin and Stephen hook up over Christmas break! I'll keep you posted.

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