Post-Christmas Musings

I had a great Christmas! I flew back to Erie to spend time with old friends and family. An aside: I have come to the conclusion, after moving away and moving back and moving away again, that Erie suits me much better as a place to visit rather than as a place to live. While in town I got to meet my niece, Molly - a miniature Pinscher belonging to Donna with a wardrobe to rival Paris Hilton (the dog, not Donna). I also got to see my nephew, Owen, who is actually human, going on two years old and extremely busy! Of course I got to see my sis and my mom and my entertaining extended families. I even got to spend a considerable (but not nearly enough) amount of time with my favorite blue-eyed sommelier. Even the lack of snow and the nearly constant rain couldn't dampen my delight at being back in my hometown for Christmas.

No matter how wonderful the holidays are, it's always a little bit sad when they're over. I'm not really sure why that is. I realize Christmas is an annual thing and in another 363 days it will be Christmas again. Still, for me, the magic is over, winter stretches before me and I'm going through Post-Christmas Depression. Don't worry, it's not severe enough to warrant Prozac or anything. Part of it probably has to do with not being able to pack up my favorite people to bring back home with me. And not knowing when I will get to see them again is dismaying.Some life decisions are harder than others. I want it all. I want to live in my new city with my new friends and my new job...and yet I want the comfort and familiarity of my old friends and old town. I want to experience new things and grow in my career...but at the same time I don't want to sacrifice close attachments. It's a dilemma and became very apparent while I was home for Christmas. Maybe that has something to do with my PCD.

Thankfully I am not prone to extended bouts of depression. Things in life happen for a reason, right? I'm sure a few martinis on New Years Eve will pull me out of my brooding mood! :)

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