Career Considerations

I think it's safe to say, you know you've hit a wall when you start seriously thinking prostitution might've been a better career choice. Yesterday late afternoon, amidst a frustrating onslaught of plan changes, equipment shortages, and time constraints, I offered to my equally frustrated co-workers the suggestion that the option of flipping burgers as a career choice was looking very favorable at that point.

But then Kelly wisely pointed out that we probably wouldn't be able to afford to live on a burger flipper's salary. So then Melissa suggested maybe a more lucrative but equally less stressful option might be prostitution. Sure, there are the STDs to consider, but hey, advancements in protection have come a long way! And if you got into one of those 'high-end' Vegas brothels, you could lead a fairly stress-free, relatively cushy life, right?

After a collective, daydreamy sigh, we returned to our frantic world of reflected ceiling plan updates, casework revisions and pulling equipment out of thin air. For now I guess we're sticking with architecture, but if the Cottontail Ranch should happen to call next week during crunch time, I can't make any guarantees!

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