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Okay, I think I can officially consider myself busy. Maybe not busy enough to warrant a nervous breakdown or curling up in the fetal position and rocking back and forth in a corner, but definitely busy enough for it to have affected my rigorous blogging schedule (well, not rigorous exactly...but my blogs DO seem to be getting more infrequent lately).

Of course, a big chunk of the busy-ness stems from work. When a deadline is looming on the horizon, long hours at the office are inevitable. And as a friend of mine amusedly pointed out last Friday over egg rolls, there always seems to be SOME kind of deadline. Which really isn't exactly true, it's just that the project I'm working on at the moment is on an expedited schedule, so the deadlines have appeared steadily one right after the other - but this is not the norm on every project, thankfully.

In addition to the recently heavy work schedule, also contributing to the general state of busy-ness is school. Yes, I'm back in school. Granted, it's only one night a week, but still, having been out of school for many years now, it's somewhat of a shock to my system. I'm taking classes to prepare for the CDT (construction document technician) exam. It's a little dry and WAY more than I ever wanted to know about the intricacies, legalities, and technicalities of construction documents, but it's probably good information to know (at least that's what I'm telling myself).
In addition to the work-related activities, last weekend I had a full schedule as well - a full schedule of fun, that is!

Friday night, after leaving work a little late, I rushed home in an attempt to quickly change clothes and "freshen up" (the phrase "freshen up" sounds innocuous enough, but as a girl, I know that a simple freshening up can sometimes take much longer than anticipated). Needless to say I was late getting to my friend's house which, incidentally, made us late to the art show. I take full responsibility for our tardiness, placing some of the blame on my uncooperative hair and lacking wardrobe. Though we did manage to have fun, sadly, I had to make it an early evening as I had to set my alarm for 5 AM.

Yes, you heard right - 5 AM on a Saturday morning. I had to be on the road to Atlanta by 6:30 AM. Why were you going to Atlanta?, you ask. I was invited to an opening gala (heck, I'll go to ANY event that utilizes the word "gala") for a hospital our firm designed. The festivities were beginning at 7 PM Saturday evening. For the record, it only takes about 3.5 -4 hours to drive from Nashville to Atlanta. BUT, my friend and co-worker who I was driving with, thought it would be a fun idea to go check out the much-lauded Georgia Aquarium before checking into our hotel. And hey, who among us can say they are immune to the siren's call of fish and aquatic mammals?

To help assuage the pain of such an early departure, Michelle DID bring a bag full of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yay! Things don't seem so bleak when cookies are involved. We got to the aquarium around 11:30 - had plenty of time to admire both the building and the marine life housed within. I'm partial to the Belugas and the Sea Otters.

We also had plenty of time to relax and "freshen up" at the hotel before the evening's celebratory gala where we donned gowns, drank champagne, dined on delicacies, and generally just basked in the congratulatory glow. Of course, I had no hand in the actual design or construction admin. of the building, seeing as how it was already in construction when I arrived at the firm. So, I was there more in a supportive capacity... and that worked just fine for me.

After the late Saturday night, Sunday was spent leisurely - getting up without an alarm, dawdling at breakfast, and then driving the 4 hours back to Nashville. Why is it that driving long distances is tiring? Am I the only one who feels drained after a long drive? I mean, you aren't really expending any energy, you're just sitting there in the car. It could be I'm just a sissy, but when I got back to my apartment around 4:30 in the afternoon on Sunday, I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING, much less going in to the office to work for a few hours (which was my original intent). So, I did manage to drag myself to the grocery store for some much-needed groceries and then did a little laundry and called it good!

Yesterday at work we were told our deadline of January 29th got pushed back a week. This does not make me happy. This is not a blessing in disguise - or any kind of blessing at all. This is simply going to extend my busy-ness phase. Ah well, I plan on staying in town this weekend and laying low - but of course, even best-intentioned plans often go awry.

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