Searching for...

...a fuckin' tennis court!

Jen and I had plans to play tennis today at 6 at our usual place. I'm there at 6 and at 6:15 I get a call from Jen saying she's on her way and has been stuck in traffic on 40. As I'm waiting for Jen, I notice there are a WHOLE lot of people playing at Centennial tonight and am vaguely concerned we may not get a court. Well, sure enough, Jen arrives and we try to nab a court and are thwarted around every corner (i.e. "ooo ooo...I think that one is open down over there....dammit!")

No worries...we'll just head over to the Hillwood courts where we played a few times this summer. We get on 440 and almost immediately traffic comes to a dead stop. Rush-hour accident. So, Jen calls and says she's getting off at the next exit and will just take West End to Harding. I follow suit, pull onto West End, drive about a half of a mile and again am stopped dead in my tracks behind lines of crawling traffic. I switch on the radio and discover that there has been an accident on THIS road as well. Apparently there were accidents on nearly every major thoroughfare in the city. Why? I have NO IDEA. It was sunny and 83.

FINALLY, we get to the Hillwood courts, pull into the parking lot and lo and behold, the courts are not lit! Oh, there are lights - they're just not ON! and the place is completely deserted. It is now after 7. Jen says, "well there are courts on Charlotte near the Richland Library - but I HAVE TO PEE - so we'll have to stop at Doug's so I can use the bathroom". So, we get back in our respective vehicles and I follow Jen to Doug's (ex-boyfriend-recently-broke-up-but-going -out-of-town-together-next-weekend Doug...yes, THAT Doug).

FINALLY, we get to the Richland Park courts. There are open courts. There are lights. We play tennis. All is right with the world.

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