High & Dry

Rest assured Joanna, Daniel and I (and the cats) survived the Nashville deluge. It was an unprecendented rainfall event this past weekend and many Nashvillians sustained devastating loss and damage due to the flash flooding. We were very fortunate and lost nothing. Not even power. Our house remained dry. Our yard and trees remained intact. And our vehicles are fine.

The creek on our property which is normally 3 feet or so across became a raging 15-20foot wide river and flooded out the bridge at the end of our street. A few of our neighbors had some serious flooding in their basements, but no one has been displaced like in some parts of the city.

Some of the low lying areas are nearly completely submerged. Still. Schools have been closed all week as well as many businesses and government agencies. Public transportation has been suspended. Many roads are still closed due to non-receding water or flood damage. We have been mandated to conserve water and use it only for drinking and cooking. There are suddenly hundreds of homeless folks living in temporary shelters across the city. Some people lost everything.

The volunteer efforts have been phenomenal (they don't call this the Volunteer state for nothing!). Despite the tragedies, it has been heartwarming to see the outpouring of kindness and compassion towards those whose lives have been dramatically altered.

If you want to donate to the Nashville Red Cross flood relief effort, you can do so by simply texting REDCROSS to 90999. An automatic donation of $10.00 will be made and will be charged to your next phone bill.


schroederjt said...

I am so glad to hear this. Seeing the pictures of Nashville under water had me worried.

cathryn said...

Thanks for checking in! From what we've heard, this crisis has like nothing Nashville has ever seen.

Alison said...

Glad you are safe.

cathryn said...

Thanks Alison. When we were looking at houses we actually put an offer on a house that is in one of the areas now underwater. Glad they didn't accept our offer!