You Can See the Stars in Nashville

You'd never guess it, being in the "Fly Over" zone and everything, but little ole Nashville gets quite its share of celebrities living in or visiting the city.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were recently here for a few months. She was, apparently, filming scenes for an upcoming movie

Gwyneth has a website called GOOP, where she is posting about her stay in Nashville. Quite a few of her favorite Nashville highlights are straight from our very own East Nashville neighborhood like Marche, Margot, The Turnip Truck, Ugly Mugs, Olive & Sinclair, and Drew's Brews. Check It Out

I am not one of those people who is obsessed with celebrity sightings, and Nashville kind of has a reputation for being chill about its celebrity residents and visitors.

Anywho, it's nice to know our little city made a positive impression on our latest famous visitors.


Mars Girl said...

I thought she and Chris Martin were getting divorced... Dat's da rumor I howrd.

cathryn said...

Could be! I actually found a lot of online articles about her visit and none of them seem to mention Chris being with her. Guess I was just assuming (hoping :))

So sad.

Here's one of those articles where she talks about how awesome The Station Inn is, which is probably my most favorite venue in Nashville: