Lazy Weekend & A Milestone

This weekend was LAZY. Oh indeed it was. We had big plans. BIG PLANS! To paint the basement.

We did not paint the basement. We didn't even tape off the basement to ready it for painting. Nope.

I did, however, get my hair cut and was told in no uncertain terms that I have "resistive grays"! What the hell!?

My stylist, who is talented and someone I like, has been using a gloss to color my hair for...oh...probably about a year now, and it's always worked brilliantly. Except this time. This time, she glossed me, she stuck me under the dryer, she washed and conditioned me, she cut me, she blow dried HALF of my hair and then said, "Oh dear. Looks like you have some resistive grays." She was not happy about this at all, especially since they seemed to be concentrated right at my part.

So she asked if I had time for a "do over". I didn't want to disappoint her, so I ended up spending almost 4 HOURS at the hair salon Saturday morning. BUT, my resistive grays have been beaten into submission. At least for a while.

While I was wasting time at the salon, Daniel was busily pruning the massive amounts of overgrown monkey grass that seems to surround every inch of the perimeter of our house and yard. Fortunately, the "new toy" feel of the weed whacker hasn't worn off yet for him and he takes every opportunity to put it to use.

Let's see, what else? There was half-hearted laundry attempts. There was lackadaisical wall washing in the basement. There was tv watching. We did manage to go grocery shopping Saturday, which is the worst time to go, but we survived.

Saturday night, we went out to dinner at a local neighborhod restaurant called Mad Donna's. It was the first time either one of us had been there. Although Kelly and I went there once when it had been the old Radio Cafe (good times).

Anyway, we both enjoyed it - cool, relaxed atmosphere and creatively delicious food (I had the sweet potato enchiladas and they were really good!)

Sunday we watched our latest Netflix movie, La Vie En Rose, about the late Edith Piaf. I can see why Marion Cotillard won the Oscar for Best Actress. The story seemed a little disjointed and difficult to follow at times, but her performance as the French singer was flawless.

We did some reading. Oh, and we made this horrible lunch. For the love of god, do NOT ever make the following recipe.

Let me just say that we are both fans of Alton Brown. C'mon! He's great! Anyway, we saw one of his "recipes" and thought, "hey, that sounds interesting and healthy and has no sugar in it - let's try that! It's Alton...it MUST be delicious."

WRONG. Oh so wrong.

Basically, it involves cans of sardines that have been marinated in a mixture of vinegar, parsley and lemon juice. Once they have marinated for 45 minutes or so, you broil a couple slices of sourdough bread, then you spread some mushed up avocado on the bread and then mash the marinated sardines into the avocado and VOILA! Instant disgustingness.

And I am somewhat of a fan of canned fish products. I just couldn't endorse this. Maybe it was the texture. Maybe it was the overwhelming flavors. Whatever the cause, it did not suit our palates at all. Sorry Alton.

Also finished reading Spurlock's Don't Eat This Book this weekend. It was very accessible information. Some of it I'd read before in works like Fat Land and Fast Food Nation. A lot of it I had forgotten. And some of it was news to me!

That's about the extent of it. See? Lazy.

Oh, and this post is my 300th post on this blog. Milestone.

Happy Monday!


Jennifer said...

Lazy weekends are good, although yours didn't exactly seem all that lazy to me. I don't see HOW you could possibly have even remotely thought that recipe sounded good!! Yucky little canned fish :-)

Maybe I need to purchase some new garden tools for Pat so he becomes 'inspired' to do some yardwork this spring!! I want to expand the garden...maybe I'll buy a rototiller or some other equally manly tool!!

Congrats on your milestone!!!

cathryn said...

Ooo! A rototiller! That sounds fun. ;)

Alison said...

My major accomplishment last weekend was to rearrange my living room furniture in the way you suggested when you were here 2 years ago. It is SO MUCH BETTER! I don't know why I ever doubted you. Now I just need some big plants or something to put in front of the ugly cords and outlets.

cathryn said...

I can't believe it took you 2 YEARS! :)

Alison said...

Does that make you feel better about your lazy weekend? At least you haven't had a lazy couple of years! I'm bound to be super productive now with all the great feng shui at my place.