We're All A Bunch of Whiners

Do you enjoy a helping of humorous sarcasm with your dose of reality? If so, you really should take 5 minutes and read THIS ARTICLE. Good stuff.


mom said...

And to think there are people in this world who are thrilled with clean drinking water.

In huge part the media has become the dictators in whether we are happy or not, and whether we have something to complain about or not. Just look at all the lawyer commercials on tv. There is a lawyer specializing in just about every whine or complaint one could possibly have. They leave us with the notion that if we are not 100% happy we should sue someone...anyone. The supposed family oriented comedies are full of whinning, rude kids, and adults that act more like kids than the kids.

I'm certainly not letting government off the hook either. They are at fault for leading everyone to believe they are entitled to everything they want, and everything everyone else has. Without going into the whole, yes there certainly are people who need help, debate... government has made it acceptable to do very little and still expect to reap rewards, and then whine when it's not everything you "deserve".

When it's all said and done, we have the ability to make our own happiness to a great extent. We have the ability to see the brighter side to almost everything. I guess it's a choice each of us makes. I think whinning becomes a habit, a bad habit.

Which doesn't mean I'm letting elected officials off the hook for promises they make to get themselves elected, just thought I'd throw that in

Super Jesus said...

I want my goddamn apocalypse, and I want it now!