Snuggle Kitteh

It's been really fucking cold here lately. Not only cold, but snowy and icy too. The South, my ass! While a dusting of snow once (maybe twice) a year makes me happy, more than that just makes me cranky. Nashville parents are getting irritated as well with all the Snow Days they've been having to navigate around. It's gone from being charming to being a huge pain in the ass.

It's not just the snow making folks cranky, it's the cold. The cold has settled into our bones.

We typically keep the thermostat set at 67 degrees at our house. Lately we've gone as high as 70. I know! Crazy. Even though the structure of our house is very nicely and efficiently insulated, our windows and doors are old, old, old and terribly drafty. Sweaters and blankets have helped keep us warm during this unusual cold spell, but it still just saps a person's energy and motivation.

The fuzz-butts, being fuzz-butts, have adjusted to the cold quite admirably with a little assistance from their servants (me and Daniel). Several new cozy beds have been purchased and strategically located throughout the house. The prime position though, recently claimed by Gwendolyn, is the kitchen drawer situated directly above a heat vent. Once we realized how toasty warm this particular drawer was keeping our kitchen appliances, Daniel immediately cleared out the drawer and put a snuffly soft bed in there. It didn't take long before the kittehs discovered this little bit o'heaven. We now leave the drawer open all the time for their convenience and comfort. Gwennie only vacates her haven when absolutely necessary.

Addie tends to nest in the blanket on the green velvet chair in the living room. Except when Daniel is home. And then he wastes no time in taking up his most favorite spot in the whole wide world.

They're being such troopers in the face of our crappy-ass cold spell, doncha think?

I've become one of those people who blogs about her cats. I may need an intervention.


mom said...

Oh my gosh, those two little buggers are just so darn cute. You and Daniel are good little servants. Keep up the good work.

HeyBetty!! said...

Gwennie is going to claw your eyes out when she realizes you have exposed her secret furnace hut to the world!

Yay Danielson! You have learned you place as pet servant!! and dare I say human pet bed?? Addy is such a moose ham!

Mars Girl said...

My cats like to sit near (or on) the heat vents too. It took me forever to figure out why Cleo (aka "Boogie") was sitting by one of my dressers all the time--apparently, that dresser is over a heat duct (which makes my sweaters oh-so-cozy when I change into them after work). Before that, Cleo used to sit by the door to the bathroom when I was taking a shower. They are big freeze-babies. Like their mom.

Diane said...

The heater vent in our bathroom is like that, under the vanity. My Zoelle loved to lay there with the warm air blowing on her tummy. I used to have to fight her to stand by the sink when I'd get ready in the mornings.