Welcome 2010

Well here it is, another year. Another decade.

Things I've Learned in 2009:

1. Stuff is so much sweeter when you really work for it.

We bought this dumpy little peach colored house, that if it had been handed to us, we probably would've looked at it and seen only the negatives. But because we had to jump through so many hurdles and have mountains of patience and perseverance, it burrowed into our hearts and became our shining palace of potential.

2. Houses require a lot of work and a lot of money.

No matter how shiny with potential a house is, it takes a lot of sweat and elbow grease and cold hard cash to make it not only habitable, but "yours".

3. Weddings don't require much work or money.

Weddings can be simple and funny and lovely and relatively stress-free, and your marriage will not suffer due to the lack of a traditional wedding. Honestly.

4. There are places on this earth that make you feel insignificant and a part of something greater from one breath to the next.

Our trip to Egypt and the Middle East was transformative on a number of levels and was an experience that stamped itself into our minds and souls.

5. A job or career shouldn't define a person.

Architect is not who I am. It's what I do. My job does not always have to be my first priority

6. Making new friends when you're 7 is a lot easier than when you're 33.

Not only is making new friends difficult, but keeping close ties with old friends becomes more challenging as well. Being far away geographically is certainly a hindrance, but you would think that with all of our contemporary communicative devices available, it would be effortless to maintain the strong relationships we've cultivated. Not so.

7. Facebook is diabolical.

It repulses me and draws me in at the same time. I feel compelled to log in at least every other day, but when I do I only become annoyed at the inane drivel people post on their page. People who friended me who I barely recall from high school write the stupidest shit on Facebook, but I can. not. ignore. it. Seriously. I hate Facebook.

8. Have faith in your abilities.

One of my most favorite people on the planet has finally been convinced of the immense talent she possesses. It took a lot of years and beating down a lot of self doubt, but she's there and it is awesome to behold.

9. Don't be afraid to rely on someone other than yourself.

Self-reliance runs rampant in my family hand-in-hand with independence. Accepting help from another or sharing your load is unheard of. We simply don't do it. I've discovered, however, that once you find a person who you trust completely and who has your back unconditionally, it's a HUGE relief to know that person is there and that you can rely on them without question. And then when you actually allow yourself to rely on them, it's near blissful. Truly.

10. Happiness is relative.

The definition of happiness changes from year to year. Week to week. Even day to day. This is probably grossly apparent to most, but it was a revelation to me this year. Happiness, on some level, is attainable whenever you want it.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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HeyBetty!! said...

well finding where to go for your wedding was slightly stressful ;-)