New Furniture

I co-habitate with two felines. Basically, over the past 8 years I have become their obedient servant. Occasionally they reward me with carefully doled out moments of affection, but mostly they ignore me with entitled indifference. Their emotional distance is crippling and bordering on abusive *sigh*. But, I persist in my subservient devotion.

Recently I attempted to buy their affection through the carefully planned purchase of a cat tree.

It arrived last week on our front porch in a giant box weighing 62 pounds.

What emerged, as Daniel patiently put it together, was a 6 foot tall, multi-level jungle gym with hanging toys, a hammock, and a fort with lots of sisal rope posts for their scratching pleasure.

They seem pleased with the humble offering and have gradually accepted, and dare I say, enjoyed this piece of cat furniture.

Gwendolyn couldn’t be bothered posing for any photographs. She thinks photo-taking is nonsense and will not tolerate it.

Addison deigned to allow me to snap his picture as he lounged in the fur covered fort.

I think they may be warming up to me!


Mars Girl said...

I cant let my cats see this... it's bigger than theirs! They will demand I upgrade them!

boty said...

If only Ollie were still with them to share this wonderful new lounger!