Allow me to boast for a moment:

Now that my husband (haven’t gotten use to that word yet) has a fabulous new kitchen with lots of cabinet and counter space, a great refrigerator and the stove of his dreams (well, dreams that are limited by our kitchen layout and our budget), he has a renewed enthusiasm for cooking. While our contractors were basically living with us and our kitchen was mostly unusable storage space, we ate out a lot. Or ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Or leftover pizza. Those were dark days.

But those days are over! Sunday, Daniel made blueberry pancakes from scratch with grilled turkey bacon (not that Oscar Meyer shit) and fresh cantaloupe. If you have not had one of Daniel’s light, fluffy, golden pancakes, you are sorely deprived and you should come over for breakfast next week.

Monday night, he made salmon fillets with a fresh tomato, basil and caper salsa, parmesan roasted cauliflower, and baked brown rice. All by himself. And it was so good, I groaned with pleasure after every bite – which no doubt became annoying after the first few bites. But it was seriously that good.

Tuesday night, my foodie husband (I’m hoping the more I say it, the less weird it will sound) marinated a chicken breast, grilled it, sliced it up, then combined it with grilled green peppers, onions, and celery. He added all the grilled goodness to some cooked whole wheat penne pasta. Doused the whole mess with a tomato vodka sauce. Spooned it into a baking dish. Threw some cheese on top and put it in the oven. The concoction that emerged from the oven was inspired. And sure the hell beats leftover pizza!

Feel free to make dinner reservations anytime. You can never tell what will come out of his kitchen, but I can guarantee it will be delicious!


Mars Girl said...

Yes, I am jealous. =) My husband used to cook. I try to catch myself men who cook... Especially since I hate to cook.

Delirious said...

Congrats, Mrs. DeFelice... all the way from Beirut =)

boty said...

Danielson where is my fucking coconut cake?!