Hot, Wet, & Sticky

Wallpaper Removal.

Anyone who has enjoyed removing decades old wallpaper, say "Aye!".


Remember how I told you about, and showed you, all the freaking wallpaper in our house?

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Previously, we (Daniel) had attempted to remove it using the heat gun. It worked so well on the contact paper, we thought we'd give it a shot. It did not work well on the old, old wallpaper stuck to original plaster walls. So, then, we (Daniel) attempted to use a water and fabric softener solution to remove the wallpaper. This method also, did not work well.

So, on Saturday we went to Home Depot (our new hang-out) to rent a wallpaper steamer.

This thing actually worked pretty well. It was still a hot, wet, sticky, messy process that required considerable patience, but we managed to remove all of the wallpaper in the entire kitchen (even the little strips above the cabinets), and in the hallway and in the pink bathroom. And it was only $32 to rent for 24 hours.

So, now instead of dark blue wallpaper with little columns of pink roses, or pink paisley wallpaper, we have lovely old water stained plaster walls which will require patching, sanding, priming, and painting.

One step at a time...


mom said...

What fun! Go Daniel ! Be careful using a heat gun on painted surfaces if you've put paint remover on first. I caught a door on fire by doing that,...just a little safety tip.

boty said...

LMFAO of course you did mother :-)

Mars Girl said...

If you keep naming these entries with sexy titles, you can write all you want about home improvement. ;)