I Heart Bullet Points

Okay, not especially, but bullet points are about all I can handle today. Busy at work. No internet at home due to water damaged equipment (see below). And just not feeling very wordy at the moment. I know, weird, right?

Saturday: Water pipe burst in our basement. Not good. Not fun. Could've been worse, but very annoying nonetheless.

Sunday: Looked at houses with our realtor. Fell in love with a house that is WAY over our budget. Naturally.

Monday: I don't remember Monday, so as far as I'm concerned it never happened.

Tuesday: Watched the inauguration from work. Loved President Obama's speech. Hated the invocation. Was amused by the benediction. Am hopeful.

Wednesday: Put ridiculously low offer on house we've fallen in love with (seriously, like, 12% below what they're asking). Am STOKED for tonight's 2 HOUR LOST season premiere!!! OMG - I can't even contain my excitement!! (I think I just peed a little)


Anonymous said...

So, was the 2 hour Lost everything you hoped it would be?

boty said...

I enjoy bullet point style anything as well.

Mars Girl said...

We use bullets a lot in technical writing. I'm good at bullets.