A Successful Erection!

Ladies and Gentleman...we are erect! Our tree, that is. Our Christmas tree. Remember? It was all propped up in the corner and stuff after crashing to the floor a couple of times? 'Member dat?

Yeah, well it is now standing tall and proud in our brand new heavy duty, enormously ugly, Wal-Mart special, plastic tree stand. Tah-Dah! When we went to Wal-Mart to procure said tree stand, they had three left. Three. Naturally, we picked the one that was missing one bolt. Yep. We have an uncanny ability for doing stuff like that - truly, it's amazing.

I was so excited to finally be able to decorate our tree! But when we got home and started to put the thing together, we realized there was supposed to be FOUR bolty things to hold the tree in place and we had a mere THREE bolty things. Christ Almighty! It was more than I could take and I sullenly declared "fuck the fucking christmas tree...it can stay in the fucking corner leaning against a fucking wall for the next fucking three weeks for all I care".

Daniel, who is much more patient than I, drove back to Wal-Mart to exchange our inadequate tree stand for one of the other two stands which had all four bolty things.

And now we have a tree that stands on it's own. Yes, it may be a tiny bit crooked. Yes, the tree topper is still somewhat problematic. Yes, it is decorated with one strand of white lights, one strand of green lights and two strands of multi colored lights. Yes, it is also decorated with fake gold plastic strings of beads and ornaments with faded glitter. But, by gawd, it is STANDING. And the tree skirt hides the Big Ugly tree stand. And the cats are enjoying pulling the tree skirt to the side so they can stuff their faces in the tree stand and drink the nasty tree water. And it is good.

AND, I also put up my Christmas Village...which, granted, is not much of a village (yet), but it makes me immensely happy to gaze upon the miniature buildings all lit up on their bed of fake snow.

A close-up of the Christmas Village. C'mon, admit it, it makes you happy too!

Yay for Christmas!


mom said...

It is very beautiful! Next year will be easier. Love the village, even if it only has 2 buildings. they are really pretty.

boty said...

I memember dat! Lovely tree...as far as christmas trees are concerned...and although I am not a fan of Holiday, or Cheer...I do have a very soft spot for winter villages. Especially the ones with the fake mirror ponds. I think it reminds me of a happier time during childhood...I also like those ceramic trees with the light-up birds. If I ever decorate it will be with village and ceramic tree with birds.

Mars Girl said...

I was just going to suggest that Cathryn needed to get a fake mirror pond with little ice skating people on it it!! My grandma used to have those little villages all over her house, and I used to love playing with the little skating people dolls... memories! I have a soft spot for little villages too.

Glad the Big Ugly worked for you. Dont worry, I would have bought the Small Cute stand too, thus making the same mistake, if my dad--with his years of Christmas Tree Experience--hadn't been there to advise me to the Big Ugly. ;)

Your tree looks nice! And it probably smells lovely too. That's all that's important. I love live trees and I think I will always have them.

cathryn said...

Oh yeah, I definitely need a mirror pond! With skaters!

And boty, I love those old ceramic trees with the light up birds too. I wonder if such things are made any more...

mom said...

Gee, I had a couple of those little ceramic trees, one was white with (i think red birds)the other was green with different colored bulbs. I don't have them anymore. i had them stored in the basement and some little mice made homes in the hollow insides. they got tossed. Yes, absolutely a mirrored skating pond.

Mars Girl said...

Cathyrn! Yesterday at Lowe's I saw a "Snow Village Half Pipe!" No kidding!! It was a miniture half pipe slope for a snow village. I almost bought it... except that I don't think I have any shelf space to display it on for Christmas. Being a skier myself, I thougth this was a way cool addition to a Christmas Village.

cathryn said...

Funny you mention that, I was actually browsing around online drooling over all the Christmas Village accoutrements to be had and noticed that there is a mechanized snowboarding hill! You could have a whole alpine ski resort theme!

Mars Girl said...

I might buy a table specifically so that I could display a little alpine village! =)