It Was A Pretty Mouse

My mother cracks me up. She sends odd emails to my sister and I. Random stuff like, "Do you want a fax machine for Christmas?" Part of the funnyness of her emails is that she never wastes cyber space with any kind of introductory chit chat or conclusionary wrap-up. Do not underestimate the abrupt factor for funnyness.

There's this humorous website called Postcards From Yo Mamma. It's an often hilarious "repository of modern day maternal correspondence", and I can SO relate!

Bethany and I received this email from my mom this morning:

Eeeeek !! that’s what you see in the comics. I keep a box of cereal in one of the drawers in my filing cabinet. This morning, as soon as I opened the drawer to get the box out, a mouse jumped out at me and ran under my desk. It was a pretty mouse, but it scared me half to death ! He must have had a pretty nice weekend, being all nice and toasty warm and having a huge box of cereal to munch on to boot. Needless to say, no cereal today.


See what I mean about random? Hee! A bizarre little rodent story comin' outta nowhere! And I love that she didn't type out any kind of "Good Morning Beloved Daughters" or "Guess what happened to me at work this morning!?" But, she did take the time to mention that the rodent was pretty! Ha! Love it!


boty said...

The best part is that Mum was imagining his delightful weekend of gluttony in her cereal box!!

I was too!! Day dreaming about how awesome that would be for a mouse.

Mars Girl said...

Hey, that's a great one for Postcards from Yo Mamma. I think it would be quite popular there... you should submit it! =) I'm just WAITING for the appropriate email from my mom. She's been annoyingly boring lately.

cathryn said...

Thanks to you, Mars Girl, I now know about that site (I saw it on your blog roll and curiosity prevailed). Some of those entries are so freakin' hilarious!

Mars Girl said...

Oh, I know! That website cracks me up... between the sad guilt-tripping moms and the silly moms, it's really entertaining... Now they're making a book out of it. I should have come up with that idea!!